5 Most Common Drupal Problems Developers Need to Know

Being a Drupal developer could be fun for some; if you are one among them, there are certain things you need to know. Whether you have just entered the field or an expert in Drupal, you will have faced any of the issues discussed below. Sometimes, the minor problems make even the experts break their head. Nothing could be worse than spending hours on a simple problem that could be solved within minutes. So here we have discussed common Drupal problems and also the solutions.

1. The first and most common problem is that, sometimes the users who have the access to ‘edit page content’ will not be able to edit even the basic pages. This could be because the nodes you are trying to edit could have an input format that they are not permitted to use.

So, how to make the pages accessible? Just check the input format of the body field. If it is the PHP code or Full HTML, you will not see an edit tab for the node. So just change the input format to the one you can access or grant access for the current input format at “admin/settings/filters".

2. Clients will not be able to see content created by them after logging out. This could be because of the caching issue; you can see the content when you are logged in because the caching instances will be based on user roles.

Here is the solution, in order to sort out the issue, just clear the cached data at ‘admin/settings/performance’, clear the cache of the browser and also adjust the ‘Minimum Cache lifetime’ settings under ‘admin/settings/performance’ and the clients will now be able to see their content.

3. Sometimes you will have noticed that the images within your post disappear after publishing the node. This could again be because of the input format. The node could be using Filtered HTML where the format tags like object and img will be stripped out.

In such case, you can grant the role access Full HTML input format and just create a custom Input format which includes the tags you need.

4. Aren’t the theme changes showing up? Just check whether the CSS caching is turned on. If it is on, turn it off as your theme is still under development. You can do this at "admin/settings/performance".

If this doesn’t work and the theme changes are still not showing up, clear the browser’s cache. Also, if you are using Drupal 6, you may have to clear the theme registry if you have added any new theme functions or templates.

5. Sometimes your layout seems to be broken all of a sudden; you don’t have to worry in such a case, it might be a CSS issue.

Empty the cache at “admin/settings/performance”. If it doesn’t work, try rebuilding the theme registry. You can easily empty the cache and rebuild the theme registry using the Devel module (built specifically for Drupal developers).

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