5 Simple Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid on Your Website

Building a website can be bothersome at times; the real challenge lies in making the site usable. Most of the designers forget the basic thing that the website is not being created for them, but for users to fulfill their needs. They give high priority for creativity rather than usability and practicality.

If the designers know the things to have in their mind while designing, they are more likely to come up with a design that meets the client’s requirement.

Here are a few simple design mistakes that you can avoid on your website.

#1. Poor Readability: Readability is the foremost thing that the designers must be concerned about. Of course, a good interface helps you in grabbing the attention of the users, but ultimately the users must be able to read the text to grasp the information, without which the most bizarre font styles and sizes would go in vain. Fortunately, there are few ways to help you improve the reading experience of users. You can compare the color schemes of the major websites to understand which color combination would work for the site.

#2. Unorganized Content Layout: Content is the main thing that drives traffic to your site. Users don’t simply read all the content unless it’s absolutely necessary for them. Few designers just insert a block of text with no headings, sub-headings, keywords, bullets, paragraphs, etc. You can use titles and sub-headings in appropriate places to make the content look good. If the structure itself is not good, no matter how important the content is, the users don’t bother to go through it.

#3. Bad Navigation: Navigation on your site should be seamless; it should help the users find their way easily.  As more and more development technologies are emerging, it’s really important for designers to understand that the navigation must be consistent and intuitive. If you are using text for navigation, it must be very concise. Also, if you using hyperlinks make sure that they stand out from the body of the text.

#4. Complicated Registration: Firstly, you need to understand that a user visits your site to acquire the information and not to provide. Gone are the days where the users had to fill number of fields to get registered with the website. Even now, registration is mandatory for certain websites where users have to fill number of fields. This often frustrates the users making them leave your site. Keep your registration forms simple with limited number of fields. This encourages users to continue with the site looking for the information they need.

#5. Animations and Images: Images are certainly the first thing that impresses the users when they visit your site. But they can also be a reason for distraction if they are used excessively. Images should be used in appropriate places to illustrate and guide the users through the site. Likewise, animation is also a powerful medium but if used beyond the limit, it gets on the users’ nerves.

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