8 Awful UI Design Features that Can Push Your Visitors Away

User interface is something that plays a vital role in the success or failure of a website or an application. If your potential customers find that your website is confusing or complicated to navigate, even the world’s best product could remain in the dust on internet shelves. Whatever might be your business goal, you need to make the visitors feel good when they visit your website.

Here are a few UI design features that can push your visitors away:

  1. Reset button on forms: Reset buttons on the forms are usually situated near the submit button. Sometimes this reset button can be so annoying that if you click on it by mistake, you will have to fill the form again. This is bearable if the users have the data to copy-paste on the fields, but if they have filled the form with some long messages and personal information, they would not want to fill the form again.
  2. Cancel button next to back button: This is also a same kind of problem as mentioned above i.e. the button situated in a wrong place. Designers can choose a better place for cancel button instead of placing both cancel and back button together. There are chances of users getting misled making them lose all the impression they had on your website.
  3. Pop-up support within first minute: Pop-up support is definitely a good thing that helps users a lot. But what would the users ask when they have no idea of what your website does? Let the chat window appear when they actually need it. Create a visible chat button somewhere on the sidebar so that everybody can reach it as and when they need it.
  4. Hiding password field’s value: Masking the password is also a worst UI design feature. Will the users be always having somebody standing behind them? Even if you mask the password, you can at least provide a ‘show’ button to make the passwords visible so that the users can turn it on and off as they need.
  5. Automatic slideshow: Playing some random slideshows without the users asking for it may have a negative impact on the performance of your website. Unexpected actions on the website might make the users to close the site. You can’t rely on this feature hoping that the users will be attracted to the slideshow and they would stay for longer time on your website.
  6. Drop-down menu: Drop-down is one of the navigating tools that help users to navigate through the site. It has a few drawbacks like the mobile usage. It’s not possible to optimize this tool for mobile devices. Only thing the designers can do is to replace the menu style with some other tools. The users often complain about the drop-down menu nested within a drop down menu. It makes the website heavy and more complex.  
  7. Sticky toolbar: Sticky toolbar can be of a great help if it is used wisely. It can be a normal navigation bar stuck on the top of the page so that the users don’t have to scroll up every time when they want to get of the current page and proceed with browsing. The common mistake made by developers is that the toolbar will not be sticky and it lags behind when users scroll down.
  8. Bad color schemes: One main reason for visitors not being on your site for longer time is the bad color scheme like red text on the red background, white text on the yellow background. You need to use the color schemes which attract users and make them stay on your website at least for some time.

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