How to Improve WordPress for SEO and better UX?

Being a free and open source content management system, WordPress has been the most popular web development platform being used by more than 23% of all the websites over the world.

Though it was started as just a blogging platform it has grown to such an extent that it is now the first choice for most of the developers. Even though the platform is in the crest of popularity, there are several areas in which the platform needs to be improved.

Below mentioned are a few ways to improve WordPress for SEO and better UX.

5 Simple Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid on Your Website

Building a website can be bothersome at times; the real challenge lies in making the site usable. Most of the designers forget the basic thing that the website is not being created for them, but for users to fulfill their needs. They give high priority for creativity rather than usability and practicality.

If the designers know the things to have in their mind while designing, they are more likely to come up with a design that meets the client’s requirement.

Here are a few simple design mistakes that you can avoid on your website.

5 Most Common Drupal Problems Developers Need to Know

Being a Drupal developer could be fun for some; if you are one among them, there are certain things you need to know. Whether you have just entered the field or an expert in Drupal, you will have faced any of the issues discussed below. Sometimes, the minor problems make even the experts break their head. Nothing could be worse than spending hours on a simple problem that could be solved within minutes. So here we have discussed common Drupal problems and also the solutions.

6 Tips That Help You Build a Perfect Business Website

Building a good relationship with the customers whom you have never met before is really hard. But it is certainly the main thing we got to do in any business. You can achieve it by having a full-featured website, keeping the site up-to-date and also adding some rich content to exhibit your skills. A simple and well-designed website can be the window of your shop. All that you need to is to show yourself in a best way while developing a site for your online business.

Here are a few tips that can help you in making a perfect business website:

8 Awful UI Design Features that Can Push Your Visitors Away

User interface is something that plays a vital role in the success or failure of a website or an application. If your potential customers find that your website is confusing or complicated to navigate, even the world’s best product could remain in the dust on internet shelves. Whatever might be your business goal, you need to make the visitors feel good when they visit your website.

Here are a few UI design features that can push your visitors away:

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