How to Improve WordPress for SEO and better UX?

Being a free and open source content management system, WordPress has been the most popular web development platform being used by more than 23% of all the websites over the world.

Though it was started as just a blogging platform it has grown to such an extent that it is now the first choice for most of the developers. Even though the platform is in the crest of popularity, there are several areas in which the platform needs to be improved.

Below mentioned are a few ways to improve WordPress for SEO and better UX.

  1. Remove WordPress Defaults: The main element to be removed from WordPress sites is the “Sample Page” and “Hello World” post. There is no problem in having these elements if the site is still in the development stage. But once the site is live, make sure that you delete these elements. You can delete them from the trash as well so that you can keep your database less cluttered. Though it has got nothing to do with SEO, removing these elements will certainly have a positive impact on the user experience.
  2. Set Your Permalinks: The default setting for Permalinks is not just an efficient URL structure. The best practice is to change the setting to Post Name (/%postname%/). Few like to use /%category%/%postname%/ as their setting which can cause some issues when the categories are not optimized. This can be very beneficial for your site in terms of SEO as the default setting of WordPress sets all the pages to run via URL parameters which is against Google’s advises.
  3. Customize Media Settings: WordPress provides some default settings to deal with the image thumbnails, but it’s better to customize the media settings instead of opting for the default settings. You can just navigate to Settings > Media and change the settings as you want.  Thumbnails are used to display an image smaller than full size; this increases the bandwidth and performance of your site.
  4. Use Google Analytics: You can never manage a website efficiently without using some form of tracking. Anyhow, Google Analytics is freely available and is really easy to install; so you don’t have any reason for not using it. Having analytics on your site provides lots of useful information and helps you in completing number of tasks like studying user behaviour, locating 404 pages and so on. The plugin also makes it easy for you to add functionalities like tracking user which can be useful for ecommerce sites.

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