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Apps for Cars - Key Points to Be Considered While Developing

24 April 2015

Las Vegas: App development is becoming wider and wider with the constant growth of technology; as the result we can find an app for everything. Apps have been spreading in almost all the fields like instant messaging, social networking, medical field, maps and even in the automobile industry. Nowadays the cars come equipped with several chips to run the things like fuel injectors, brakes, etc. The sophistication of Internet has been poking even the cars; so we would shortly see number of applications that perform some unique functions in cars.

Wikiwand Offers Mesmerizing Wikipedia Experience on Your iPhone!

18 March 2015

Las Vegas: Wikipedia is really an ideal place to gain knowledge and wisdom on anything; but if you put the usefulness aside, interface of the website is pretty dull. But this is not the case in the magic wand of Wikiwand. It is a cool application that transforms your Wikipedia experience completely. How would you feel to see the Wikipedia page with an attractive and magazine like UI? Wikiwand makes it possible; it offers an intuitive user interface that displays articles in a clean fashion.

Wikiwand’s entry to iOS:

4 Worthy Reasons for Buying an Apple Watch

10 February 2015

Las Vegas: Finally Apple has put a step ahead in their story in the name of Apple Watch which was revealed along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in a well-publicized event. Within just a few minutes of its release, number of blogs and articles started popping out about the Apple watch and its features. It could be the next game changer in technology or could also be a catastrophic end to the emerging smart watch category. But you might be still in dilemma; whether to buy it or not. Well! You can decide it after going through a few valuable points discussed below.

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