Apps for Cars - Key Points to Be Considered While Developing

24 April 2015

Las Vegas: App development is becoming wider and wider with the constant growth of technology; as the result we can find an app for everything. Apps have been spreading in almost all the fields like instant messaging, social networking, medical field, maps and even in the automobile industry. Nowadays the cars come equipped with several chips to run the things like fuel injectors, brakes, etc. The sophistication of Internet has been poking even the cars; so we would shortly see number of applications that perform some unique functions in cars. If they have to compete in the market, they need to give access to the news, music, GPS service and a lot more.

Below mentioned are few key points to be considered while developing apps for cars:

  1. Automobile companies think they own the platform: In the earlier days, few companies like Microsoft and AOL had a plan to have their own internet version; but it apparently failed when the real internet exploded. Even a few car companies think that they have their own platform. All the companies have their own proprietary systems and it makes the app developers jump through several hoops to enter it. It’s not an easy thing to deliver apps for companies like Ford.
  2. Networking is inconsistent: Network is the major factor that the developers must be concerned about. If the network is constantly low and inconsistent, developers can’t just rely on assumptions of constant connections. Users of desktop have been obsessive over the features like auto-completion which relies on getting an answer from the central server in milliseconds. But for cars, the entire database has to be downloaded to the car; this actually leads to another issue where the downloaded version must be updated every now and then.    
  3. There may not be a human in the loop: In the cars of traditional model, there will always be a human at the center of all the mechanisms. The data flows to that human who makes all the decisions. But this would fade out once the robot drivers take up the seat. Even though the ultimate goal of automobiles is to take humans from one place to another, the data would not be served directly to the humans.
  4. Hands-free UI: Designing the user interface is the most complex thing in developing apps for cars. It’s even more complex if a human is driving a car. Few cars are very sensitive and the apps designed for them would distract the driver if the UI is not proper. So the developers need to think twice while designing the UI of the app.
  5. Location is more complex: Finding the rough position of a person sitting at one place is entirely different from tracking the location of a person travelling at about 60 miles/hour. If the network is slow, the server would take more than 15 seconds to give you a response; by the time you receive the response, the car could move a quarter mile away from where it was. Certainly the car will be moving along and this would make the search more complex.

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