Wikiwand Offers Mesmerizing Wikipedia Experience on Your iPhone!

18 March 2015

Las Vegas: Wikipedia is really an ideal place to gain knowledge and wisdom on anything; but if you put the usefulness aside, interface of the website is pretty dull. But this is not the case in the magic wand of Wikiwand. It is a cool application that transforms your Wikipedia experience completely. How would you feel to see the Wikipedia page with an attractive and magazine like UI? Wikiwand makes it possible; it offers an intuitive user interface that displays articles in a clean fashion.

Wikiwand’s entry to iOS:

This Wikiwand has now made its entry to iOS, while allowing users to search in three different languages.  And then the results will be displayed along with the pictures. The app comes with four different icons which differentiate locations, people, music and film. The app makes use of a static header to display the current read section; also, the table of contents is revealed by the virtue of tapping/swiping away.

Wikiwand comes with an option called link-preview; so that if you tap on any desired link, a pop up of that particular link appears from the bottom of the screen. Another smart feature of the app is “nearby”; this feature is almost similar to the location based feature in Wikipedia. Though the app is just optimized for iPhone, it works even on iPad as a blown-up version. Wikiwand borrows some key features of Wikipedia iOS and gives an amazing visual approach to the digital encyclopedia.

The app supports multiple languages:

Wikiwand’s embodiment lets you easily access certain features like article sharing and in-article search. Users who want search for information on any other language can switch the languages easily by tapping on the button provided at the top of the page. This app is aimed just at the readers and you will not be able to edit articles on Wikipedia using this app. You will have to use official Wikipedia client in such cases.

There are several unofficial Wikipedia apps in the app store; but Wikiwand stands remarkable for number of reasons. The app has received huge funding while there is nothing to suggest that it would do anything to break the access to Wikipedia API. So it’s very clear that Wikiwand would start monetizing at some point.

Wikiwand’s contextual advertising:

While several other Wikipedia clients are trying to make money by charging for their extra features or downloads, Wikiwand is planning to earn through contextual advertising. It is planning to have an agreement with Wikimedia foundation that it would give 30% of the profit to Wikimedia foundation. It is eager to know whether it will have any backlash from the Wikimedia Foundation itself.

Anyhow, Wikiwand has brought a genuinely great Wikipedia browsing experience to the iPhone; it is expected to arrive soon on Android as well.

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